Who is Patsy?


Patsy Cecchini was born March 12th 1935 in Hartford, Ct. He was a first generation American to his Italian immigrant parents. He grew up in the south end of Hartford, where his older brother Freddy already had his own barbershop. He loved to tell the story about when he was 9 years old, he spent his summer shining shoes on the corner of Main St in front of the G. Fox buildlong. His father would drop him of at 7am and pick him up at 7pm. All the money he made went to help support his family.

With an eighth grade education, Patsy enrolled in barber school. After graduating at the age of sixteen, he went to work at his brothers barbershop. At eighteen, he enlisted in the coast guard. After discharge, he got married and had two boys, who both became barbers. He went to own his own barbershop for 35 years and had a 65 year career.

Until the last haircut he gave, Patsy loved the barbershop. It was his home away from home. He loved his trade, the conversation, solving the world‘s problems and most of all he loved that his sons followed his footsteps.

On December 5th 2013 at the age of 78, Patsy passed away. Leaving a legacy of fierce work ethic, perfection, and staying power. He’d be happy to know that some of his tools are still being used to today and proud that these barbershops pay tribute to the life, career, and memories of Patsy Cecchini.